9th Annual Schnorr Mudfest logo

9th Annual Schnorr Mudfest

Get ready for Chisholm’s 9th Annual Schnorr Mudfest on September 10th through September 11th! There will be a big ATV ride, fireworks, and plenty of fun for everyone!

This years ATV ride will be held September 10th starting at Tom and Jerry’s Bar in Chisholm, MN.
The 9th Annual Schnorr Mudfest will leave town, head to Highway 5 Bar and then on to the Sportsman’s Club where lunch will be served for all the riders. While the ride is going on there will be family friendly events happening on Main Street in Chisholm so even if you don’t have an ATV you can still be part of the fun! After the ride returns to town we will hold our drawings for raffle items, as well as our traditional large cash raffle drawing.
We will continue into the night with a band as well as fireworks display at dusk. Food vendors will be available throughout the day, so please come down, have a bite, have some fun and help support Fishing with Vets!
Read more about it and get your friends and family out for a weekend blast in Chisholm!
Come on out for the end of summer party you’ll want to see!