Chisholm City-Wide Garage Sale

The Chisholm City-Wide Garage Sale will be taking place the weekend of July 29th – July 30th throughout the city of Chisholm. With a wide range of items available from many different households you can absolutely find something worth taking home with you!

Get some new clothes for the kids, find a (used) new snowboard for the winter months, or maybe if you’re lucky you might even find a gem hidden in the junk!

If you would like to register your home for the Chisholm City-Wide Garage Sale, contact Travis Vake at (218) 966-0137 (text preferred) and get your garage sale listed on the map!

Once all locations are registered by July 15th and set on the map there will be social media posts with the entire list to easily find every garage sale, visit Chisholm Chamber FB to see the full list. Or you may view the list right here at the bottom of the page! 

Register now to get your old junk out of the garage and make plans to see what everyone else is getting rid of so you can replace the things you got rid of! Happy hunting and hope you find EXACTLY what you were looking for.

The list will also be posted here once all registrations have been taken.


Chisholm Chamber