Tour guiding is an excellent way to be involved in the Field of Screams without committing a ton of time.  Everyone’s schedules are different and it is difficult to take the time to set up and tear down as required if an area is taken.  The extra joy is seeing the faces as you walk several people through.  Each reacts different and what scares someone one time may not be the same on the next.  It is always different even though you are walking through the same parts!


“I did have the time one year to also take an area.  It was fun thinking and setting up our area but it was amazing being able to take part in the show.  The reactions of people of all ages was priceless and something I will never forget.”
~Shawn Anderson, Architectural Resources Inc. /  Field of Screams Tour Guide Organizer

“Chisholm KIDS PLUS has been involved with the Field of Screams, since 2002.  It provides a fun opportunity for the youth to experience community engagement, from the planning to the clean up.  Many hours go into creating the scene and acting for 7 nights, but the screams from the participants, are the rewards for their hard work.”  
~Tina Neary, Director Chisholm KIDS PLUS / Field of Screams Area Leader