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Healthy Vibes Tasting Party

The Healthy Vibes Tasting Party will be held on February 13th during Chisholm’s Polar Bear Days Festival. Take this chance to try out some delicious and surprising flavors, maybe you’ll even find a new favorite!

With a mission to provide a healthy choice to supplement your diet and appease your taste buds, Healthy Vibes has been creating tons of flavors and using their Herbalife Products to make them a great choice for anyone with their health in mind. At the Healthy Vibes Tasting Party you may also learn more about their Herbalife Products and see for yourself why Healthy Vibes is a great option for your healthy drink  or snack option!

Not to mention, they are on the same block as 30 West and are an ideal stop off point after your work out if you really want to feed your body right!

Tickets are only $5 and are available at the door or in advance. So come out and explore some new flavors with Healthy Vibes on February 13th and find your new favorite flavor!


Check out Healthy Vibes on their Facebook Page and see what new flavors they’re concocting as well as more upcoming events, special deals & MORE!

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