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Highway 169 Corridor Study

The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) is conducting the Highway 169 Corridor Study in Chisholm, MN. The goals of the study are to determine any intersection improvements that could be implemented to enhance the safety of road users, improve pedestrian and bicyclist access on both sides of the highway, and facilitate efficient movement through the corridor. The study will examine the following five intersections:

  • Highway 169 & Highway 73
  • Highway 169 & Iron World Drive
  • Highway 169 & West Drive
  • Highway 169 and an access road
  • Highway 169 & 4th Ave

You can get involved and help MnDOT with the Highway 169 Corridor Study! Take their survey and check out their interactive map! It is important that we make the roads safer for everyone to travel, especially with more and more cyclists coming into town. How do we make our roads better able serve us as well as visitors of Chisholm? You can have a say in what changes are made because who knows Chisholm better than those who live here? Take a look at their study and see for yourself!

If you would like to speak with the project staff directly with questions you may contact:

Chisholm Chamber