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Keepers of the Faith Concert

The Keepers of the Faith Concert will be taking place on August 31st at 6p.m. at Chisholm Baptist Church! Keepers of the Faith (KOTF) are made up of five vocalist who love to serve God with their talents of singing. The group consists of Lima Taito, Agaese Taito, Faalai Taito, Zephanaiah Taito, and Peter Wainaina. Keepers of the Faith is probably the most diverse Southern Gospel Quartet you’ll ever meet.

That diversity is very evident in their unique style. Keepers of the Faith bring the deep south island flavor, a taste of oldie but goody, and the soul of saved men and women to the genre of Southern Gospel Quartet Music. The Keepers of the Faith have been in ministry for over 20 plus years. The ministry as a whole started out as a prison ministry team that would visit brothers and sisters locked and shunned from society. Their roots also consist of visiting hospitals and singing for every room that would want the uplifting of good old harmony singing. The keepers of the Faith now is a renowned Gospel quartet who are touring and living to the standard of their name. The Keepers of the Faith Ministry sing, preach, and most importantly live the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is their hope and prayer that you see the reflection of Christ within every aspect of their Ministry.

Come and join in the Keepers of the Faith Concert and celebrate!

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