Cherry Greenhouse


800 6th St SW
Chisholm, MN 55719

Contact Information

General Manager: Jon, Billie, Ron and Dianne Sikkila
Phone: 218-254-3404


  • Sunday: 9AM-6PM
  • Monday: 8AM-8PM
  • Tuesday: 8AM-8PM
  • Wednesday: 8AM-8PM
  • Thursday: 8AM-8PM
  • Friday: 8AM-8PM
  • Saturday: 9AM-6PM
Cherry Greenhouse

Connect With Us

Cherry Greenhouse is located in Chisholm beside Dollar General and offers a variety of plants and flowers as well as all of your gardening supply needs! Find a variety of plants, garden accessories, a wide range of different soils for different plant & garden needs as well as a very knowledgeable and friendly staff that will help guide you in making the garden of your dreams!

If you're looking to make your home the envy of your street this is the place to go. Make your lawn a piece of art and prep yourself with the tools to make it look easy.  Visit them on the Cherry Greenhouse FB page for more information on what they do, special deals, and to meet the staff!

A huge member of the Chisholm community, they help to make Chisholm a beautiful location both to live in and visit. They have a Cherry location as well as their location in Chisholm.

Don't settle for having a garden that is less than the one you imagined for yourself, and don't jump into a project without first getting everything you need from the experts! Contact Cherry Greenhouse at either one of their locations and arm yourself with everything you will need to create a masterpiece garden!

Two green-thumbs up!

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