Mesabi Metallics


17113 County Rd 58
MN 55769

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Phone: (218) 885-6000
Mesabi Metallics

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The Mesabi Metallics' vision is to become the lowest cost, fully independent producer of DR pellets and DRI / HBI in the U.S., forming an essential building block in the steel industry’s transformation to Green Steel. 

What is Green Steel?

Global demand for “Green Steel” is on the rise. Steel manufacturers are transferring or building plants with Electric Arc Furnace (EAF). EAF reduces dependence on coal in the steel making process. This will lead to increased demand for Direct Reduction Iron (DRI) and Hot Briquetted Iron (HBI) pellets as an alternative to scrap. There is also a shift towards hydrogen and natural gas as a reduction agent from using coal.


What Makes Mesabi Metallics Unique?

Mesabi Metallics is uniquely positioned to complete its already fully permitted DR pellet project producing 7 million tons per annum. DR Grade requires very high grade base resources with low levels of contaminants. Most of the Mesabi Range has been mined for decades, and high grade material is no longer available at most operations.


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