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Minnesota Deer Hunter’s Association Youth Day

The Minnesota Deer Hunter’s Association Youth Day will be taking place on August 6th!

Registration opens at 8:30 a.m. with activities beginning at 9 a.m. and participants must be at least ten years of age (but not older than 18) by Saturday, August 6th 2022. Participants in the Minnesota Deer Hunter’s Association must also have a Firearms Safety Certificate or be accompanied by a Parent or Legal Guardian. This event is brought to our youth free of charge thanks to the dedication and resources of numerous volunteer groups and individuals. It is asked that all participants be respectful, well behaved, and courteous; participants may be removed if they are misbehaved.

Participants in The Minnesota Deer Hunter’s Association Youth Day are asked NOT to bring their own firearms or archery equipment to the event. Participants will be allowed to discharge firearms on the day of the event in a controlled and closely supervised environment. 

Participants in the event will be placed in several groups for one day, if they would like to be placed in the same group as another participant please provide MDHA with their name or names so that consideration can be made in advance!

Visit The MDHA website HERE!

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