Have you heard about Chisholm Food Shelf’s Snake Around the Lake? His name is Oliver the Snake and he is growing bigger with every contribution made to the Chisholm Food Shelf.  Oliver is not a real snake, mind you, he is actually a series of painted stones placed one behind the next conga-line style with the goal of having him circle around Longyear Lake!

The project was approved by Chisholm City Council. Becky Pagel Mathews, Birdie Landacre, Oliver Putkonen, and Robin Sellars got the project rolling and want the community to get involved. There are several other communities doing a similar art project around the country, with one aiming for the Guiness Book of World Records but maybe with the right attention that spot can be reserved for Chisholm!

Mesabi Tribune wrote an article about the project along with the lore behind Oliver the Snake! Check out the full article!

Snake Around the Lake logo

How to Get Involved with the Snake Around the Lake Art Project & Fundraiser

For those who want to help Oliver make his way around Longyear Lake, stop in to the Chisholm Library and with a donation of $10 towards the Chisholm Food Shelf and they will provide a decorated stone and will also add either a name, your organization, or your business to the stone as well. Then simply place the stone at the tail end of Oliver the Snake and spread the word! Because it takes more than one person to feed a snake as big as Oliver hopes to be!

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