City of Chisholm Boards and Commissions: Applications for Qualified Citizens

The City of Chisholm is currently accepting applications from qualified citizens to serve on the following City of Chisholm Boards and Commissions:


Citizens should be willing and motivated to assist in the future direction of the City of Chisholm. Taking part in the democratic process can be a rewarding experience and allows citizens to have a voice in Chisholm’s future.



Name of Board/Commission                                             Positions Open                                           Term                 __________


Central Iron Range Sanitary Sewer District                      One Position                                               Three Year Term         

Economic Development Authority Board                        One Position                                                 Six Year Term

Housing & Redevelopment Authority                               One Position                                                 Five Year Term

Library Board                                                                              Three Positions                                            Two & Three Year Terms

Planning Commission                                                              Two Positions                                               Three Year Term

Police Commission                                                                   One Position                                                Three Year Term

Recreation Board                                                                   Two Positions                                             Fill Term Until Feb 2023

St. Louis County Fair Board                                                    One Position                                                  One Year Term


Completed applications are accepted at any time through-out the year for various City Boards & Commissions positions.


Applications are available on the City of Chisholm website,

at City Hall located at 316 W. Lake Street or you can email to request an application.