Legacy of Play H2O: Help Chisholm Build a Splash Pad!


Kiwanis International , in partnership with Landscape Structures, has a new contest!

Legacy of Play H20 will donate $50,000 to one project that gets the top ten VOTES from March 3rd-March 17th. So we need everyone in Chisholm to help Kiwanis Club get something great for Chisholm that everyone can enjoy! 

To place your vote:

  • Either use one of the QR codes we have placed throughout Chisholm on our promotional flyers or us the link below.
  • Click on the heart icon
  • Input your email and Legacy of Play will send you a code
  • Input the code sent to your email to validate your vote
  • And then let other people know about the vote, because we want everyone to raise their voice to help make this happen!


Place your vote!