Iron Range Resources & Rehabilitation (IRRR) has announced their IRRR Grant Opportunities for FY25. IRRR provides financial assistance to communities, nonprofits and tribal governments that invest in their foundational, business and social assets to ensure quality of life in northeastern Minnesota.

Review their listed grant opportunities by clicking on the links listed below to see their guidelines, application processes and contact information for each grant respectively.

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Listed IRRR Grant Opportunities for FY25


  • Broadband Infrastructure – grants assist projects that help households and businesses reach the state of Minnesota broadband speed goal.
  • Commercial Redevelopment – grants assist with the full and selective demolition of commercial and industrial buildings and the clean up of brownfields to pave the way for new development.
  • Culture & Tourism – grants assist projects that support arts, culture, history, tourism, and recreational activities, enhance the quality of life in the region and attract visitors.
  • Development Partnership – grants assist with research, planning, education, and development-based initiatives that support long term economic growth.
  • Grant Writing Assistance – grants reimburse the cost of preparing and applying for a non-agency grant that will advance economic growth.
  • Mineland Reclamation – grants assist with highly visible development of mining-impacted land.
  • Public Works – grants assist with infrastructure funding that provides essential services and promotes economic development.
  • Regional Trails – grants assist with design, engineering, and construction of various types of trails.
  • Residential Redevelopment – grants assist with demolishing residential structures or full deconstruction of homes for reuse of materials.
  • Workforce Development – grants assist with education, training, and career awareness initiatives that address regional workforce needs and gaps emerging in industries and schools.


  • Drilling Incentive – grants stimulate exploration for new minerals and/or new deposits of minerals.


  • Housing – grants assist projects or programs that result in the creation of new housing units or the rehabilitation of existing housing units.

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