MESC Hillfest Racers

Giants Ridge returns with their annual MESC Hillfest snowmobile races from April 12th-13th! Come out to either watch or participate in the best snowmobiling race on The Iron Range with a series of races being held throughout the weekend.

This year, Redbull professional rider and Northern Minnesota’s own Levi LaVallee will host the Tri-5 ,a fun race event with different options to help raise funds for for the Wings of Life – Spinal Cord Foundation. The race is judged on creativity, most fun, and overall awesomeness. Last year’s Tri-5 helped raise over $22,000 for Wings of Life. Having fun with a good cause is what it is all about!

Interested in learning more or registering for the MESC Hillfest? Visit the Giants Ridge official website and find everything that you need to know!

MESC Hillfest Race Details

  • Friday: Hill Drags 5PM-9PM 
    • Drag race straight up the hill. Fastest to the top wins.
  • Saturday: Hill Climb 10AM – 2PM
    • This race is highly competitive, with participants competing in a timed run to the top of the hill, navigating through gates arranged in a slalom pattern to determine the fastest runner.
  • Saturday: Hill Cross 10AM – 2PM
    • Snowmobile racers compete uphill through challenging terrain, including huge jumps and moguls, to see who can reach the top the quickest.
  • Saturday Afternoon: Tri-5 3:30PM – 7PM
    • he Tri 5 is a judged race on creativity, most fun, and overall awesomeness.

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