MS TRAM Coming to Chisholm

MS TRAM will be coming to Chisholm July 18th through July 20th to raise money to help combat MS! Bikers will be travelling the trails around Chisholm as well as through downtown. We already have hometown teams from the area who will be biking as well and it’s not too late to sign up your team too

It has been a few years since they have been in town and we are very happy to have them back. Besides helping with MS research they also bring a huge amount of commerce to the downtown area. So come July when they are in town make sure to be mindful of bikers and to show our visitors why its always better in Chisholm! 

Shuttles will also be taking participants of MS TRAM to and from areas around Chisholm and Hibbing! Throughout the event there will also be more to see and enjoy in town including live music. It is a pleasure to have MS TRAM back in Chisholm and we are hoping that we get more of our residents to participate as well!

If you would like to know more about MS TRAM and what they do visit them on their website!


Chisholm Chamber