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Redhead “Best Hiking Trail” Nomination

Have you heard about the Redhead “Best Hiking Trail Nomination? That’s right! Chisholm is getting some recognition in the Duluth News Tribune in their Best of the Best 2022 Awards and now it’s up to Chisholm and everyone in the Iron Range area to push our very own Redhead MTB Park further up into the limelight by placing our votes and letting everyone know that Chisholm is #1!

The Redhead “Best Hiking Trail” Nomination is no huge surprise to anyone who has visited the trails, they are absolutely stunning to behold and are fit for beginners and seasoned hikers alike. With a dock at the bottom for kayaking, paddle boarding, and swimming as well as world class MTB trails who can say that they are surprised that we are in the running?

What happens if Redhead MTB Park wins the title of Best Hiking Trail 2022? That’s more business for our area, recognition, and nothing but good news for our city! Tell your friends and family to cast their votes as well so everyone knows how much love we have for Chisholm and the Redhead MTB Park!

Use the following like to Place Your Vote!

Keep an eye out to see the Redhead MTB Park in that #1 Spot! 

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